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Seattle Trails

4.8 ( 3488 ratings )
Навигация Здоровье и фитнес
Разработчик Weston Brinkley

Seattle Trails shows you where all the official trails in Seattle are. This app has been built as an open-source project by volunteers to improve the experience of getting outdoors in Seattle. It is a collaboration between Seattle Parks & Recreation Department, Seattle Trails Alliance and volunteer software developers.


+ Find trails in Seattle City with text search and map view.
+ See accessibility information including steepness and surface types for trails.
+ Get driving directions to trails.
+ See where you are on the trail using the map view.
+ Document and officially report issues that you find while walking on trails to help the city improve its parks.
+ Share your trail experiences on Twitter and Facebook.
+ Volunteer with Parks & Recreation.

We look forward to adding features to this app and hope it provides a lot of value to our city.

Volunteer developers:

Theodore Abshire
David Wolgemuth
Eric Mentele